UK Supermarket Chain Launches New Ultimate Combo Products

Specially Selected

Aldi has announced the ultimate combo coming this July. It has merged two popular snacks, garlic bread and crisps, to create a tasty treat, introducing its Specially Selected Garlic Bread Crisps.

The Specially Selected Garlic Bread Crinkle Cut Crisps, just £1.15 (150g), are now on UK Aldi supermarket shelves, the first of its kind to grace a UK supermarket’s aisles.

Packed full of fin-gar-lickin’s good flavour, shoppers will be hit with the delicious taste of smoky garlic whilst experiencing the hearty crunch of Aldi’s premium Specially Selected crinkle cut crisp style.

Moreover, shoppers can continue exploring new flavours this July with the Specially Selected Croque-Monsieur Crinkle Cut Crisps, also just £1.15 (150g). These French-inspired savoury goodies will now be on supermarket shelves, which boast the classic famous cheese and ham flavour.