The Australian supermarket drought war continues as Coles try’s to outdo Woolworths regarding donations. In a press release, Coles announced that for the entire month of August the supermarket chain would match every dollar donated by customers to help farming communities stricken by drought.

The donations raised from checkouts will be matched by Coles with the entire donation going to the County Women’s Association to support drought-affected families.

"We know our customers want to do more to support families affected by drought. For every donation no matter how big or small, our customers can be assured they will be making a difference to the rural communities experiencing hardship and distress." Said Coles Managing Director John Durkan.

Supermarket chain Woolworths first announced its support for drought-affected farmers back in July with a donation of 1.5 million dollars to the charity Rural Aid. Only days later Coles pledged to donate 5 million in grants and interest-free loans, from its Nature Fund to Australian farmers affected by drought as well as start a checkout fundraising appeal involving more than 800 of its supermarkets. Woolworths then pledged additional support for farmers offering all profits from fresh produce sold on Saturday, August 11 to be donated to the ‘Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale appeal’.

The current drought sweeping the Eastern parts of Australia has been named the “worst in living memory”, as weather conditions don’t seem to be showing any signs of relief. With record low rainfalls and above average temperatures, farmers have had vast areas of land turn to dust. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced the government’s plans to provide funding for lump-sum payments and mental health aid to farmers and their families in need.