Tiny Organics

New York-based Tiny Organics is breaking new ground with its direct to consumer delivery service of savoury frozen baby foods.

The Tiny Organics baby foods are said to be organic, plant-based and may be heated in the microwave or stovetop before serving. It features unconventional baby food recipes including coconut curry, baby burrito bowls, Valencian paella and many more.

The philosophy behind the business’ personalised nutrition service is for toddlers to taste 100 flavours before the age of two. It has been beta testing products for a year with 100 families in New York to refine its offers and see what recipes have the most appeal to consumers.

“We know now that the first 1,000 days are critical in terms of human development,” said Sofia Laurell co-CEO and co-founder of Tiny Organics. “But we’re taking that a step further with introducing the 100 first flavours so we can build diverse palates that create adventurous eaters.”

The frozen products target families that are ‘locked into a routine’. Using the online subscription-based model as a way to place orders, the packages arrive frozen to minimise the risk of the food rotting in the fridge.

The company has sights set to retail distribution by 2021, with goals to expand beyond the frozen section in the baby aisle.