New Amazon Fulfilment Centre Scheduled to Open

Amazon delivery

Amazon Canada is set to enhance its market presence and delivery capabilities by introducing a new fulfilment centre in Southwold, Ontario. Scheduled to launch on October 1, this state-of-the-art facility will incorporate robotics technology, promising improved efficiency and speed in meeting customer orders.

Strategically located, the Southwold fulfilment Centre is set to play a crucial role in the region as it caters to customers' evolving needs while leveraging cutting-edge robotics technology. Amazon aims to transform its fulfilment processes and elevate the overall customer experience. These advanced robots will proficiently handle order picking, packing, and shipping, significantly reducing processing times and expediting customer deliveries.

The inauguration of this Centre positions Amazon to expand its product assortment and enhance delivery services for customers. The facility's establishment also presents a valuable opportunity for local employment, as Amazon actively seeks to onboard a substantial workforce to manage its operations.

Through continued investments in cutting-edge technology and innovation, Amazon reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional service to its customers while adapting to the evolving demands of the e-commerce landscape.