oranges growing on a tree

Blockchain is no longer limited to Silicon Valley. Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and beverage supplier Refresco have introduced a system that allows customers to track the supply chain of the supermarket's brand-name orange juice with blockchain technology.

Blockchain was invented to keep track of cryptocurrency exchanges, but it's being used by Albert Heijn to offer transparency to consumers. "We supply millions of customers with good food and drink on a daily basis. This brings with it a large responsibility, and we want to actively contribute to current themes in the world around us," said Marit van Egmond, Commercial Director at Albert Heijn. "We know all the steps in the supply chain of our products... And we want to show these steps to our clients as well, be open and transparent."

All information relating to the orange juice's production, supply, and distribution will be stored on an electronic ledger. When customers scan a QR code on their product they'll be given fun facts about their juice, alongside the individual product's full history. They will also be able to send a message directly to the farmer who made their product, giving feedback right to the source of their juice.