In an attempt to turn more towards health-based consumer trends, global beverage company PepsiCo has announced the acquisition of Israeli-based carbonated machine company SodaStream, in a 3.2-billion-dollar deal. Pepsi is set to pay the $144 in cash per share, in an agreement that has been approved by both company’s boards.

The announcement comes after the beverage giant PepsiCo announced that it would be seeking more and more healthy opportunities and attempting to expand its reach globally. PepsiCo is currently available in for retail in 45 countries with its popularity high in Canada, France Germany and the U.S.

In a statement released by the company, PepsiCo revealed their excitement in partnering with Soda Stream.

“PepsiCo and SodaStream are an inspired match. Daniel and his leadership team have built an extraordinary company that is offering consumers the ability to make great-tasting beverages while reducing the amount of waste generated. That focus is well-aligned with Performance with Purpose, our philosophy of making more nutritious products while limiting our environmental footprint. Together, we can advance our shared vision of a healthier, more sustainable planet,” said PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

The deal was released just two weeks after the CEO Indra Nooyi announced that she would be stepping down as CEO after 12 years working for PepsiCo.

Israeli based company PepsiCo was originally founded in the UK in 1903. The do-it-yourself style machine allowed for British consumers to create their own fizzy drinks at home using flavoured syrups and carbonated water.