Quinoa milk

The developers behind the successful oat milk alternative Oatly have announced their plans to launch a new milk alternative range in South America by 2020.

Made from quinoa ‘milk’, Quiny is the brainchild of Bolivia-based company Swebol Biotech. It is available in ready-to-drink and instant powder formats, as well as in two flavours including; the original quinoa milk flavour and chocolate. The product contains no added sugar, is certified organic and will be sourced ethically.

“Our background is with oats and Oatly, and we strongly believe we can do it again with this unique collaboration, Quiny,” said Olof Böök, CEO at Swebol Biotech. “It’s a completely new market for us and here we will work in parallel with other brands, co-branding and private label. We will also see the same challenges that we had with Oatly.”

The quinoa will be sourced from Bolivia’s southern La Paz and northern Oruro. The company has reported an immediate positive impact in the farming communities by providing young people with employment opportunities.