In a bid to help consumers cut down their sodium intake, Tesco teams up with Scottish food producer Mara to launch seaweed salt in stores.

Branded as a healthy alternative to the regular table salt, the British retailer will start selling sachets of three of Mara’s seaweed salt.

Tesco believes the seaweed’s popularity in the Far East and the umami taste will appeal to adventurous food lovers in the UK.

“It has a subtle salty taste, and which has been compared to umami – the fifth basic taste we can sense after salt, sweet, sour and bitter,” said Angus McSporran Herbs and Spices buyer at Tesco.

Umami is the savoury taste sensation found in Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, soy sauce, mushrooms, shellfish, Worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar.

The raw seaweed is harvested sustainably in Scotland’s Fife shoreline.