Hijabi women looking at notepad

PepsiCo partners with Saudi non-profit organisation INJAZ-AL ARAB to launch a development program that seeks to empower Saudi women entrepreneurs.

The program is part of the company’s more comprehensive women’s empowerment program with a budget of $100m for initiatives that will benefit 12.5 million women and girls around the globe by 2025.

The PepsiCo Foundation believes that women empowerment will start a virtuous cycle that will build a more sustainable food system. The philanthropic arm of PepsiCo argues that when a woman is given the time and opportunities to learn, her offspring are better fed, are healthier and more likely to pursue an education.

“Empowering women in Saudi Arabia and around the world is a priority for The PepsiCo Foundation,” said Tamer Mosalam, Gulf & Levant Foods vice president and Business Unit general manager at PepsiCo. “It is a source of great pride that we are helping to develop the ideas of the Kingdom’s future entrepreneurs.”