Coles delivery service worker holding grocery parcel

Coles has introduced a subscription-based delivery service to customers called Delivery Plus.

The service is in conjunction with the Australian retailer’s e-commerce site and will allow customers to pay a flat monthly fee to receive unlimited home delivery orders throughout their subscription period.

Customers will receive the first month free of charge when they sign up with automatic payments starting the following month.

“On average, the cost of a Coles Home Delivery window is $10, depending on location, time of day and length of delivery window chosen,” said Karen Donaldson Online general manager at Coles.

“Delivery Plus will allow customers who regularly shop online to save hundreds of dollars a year and help them manage their family budget by knowing exactly how much they will pay on Coles Online delivery each month.”

Donaldson said that online shopping was becoming a growing in popularity in customers that are time-poor.