SNSTech Is Set To Release Resealable Technology For Cans

Austin, Texas-based company SNSTech has created a resealable can. The SipNShut technology is set to go on sale with selected brands in the third quarter of 2019. The patented design not only stops the beverage from being spilt but also keeps things out, such as sand and insects.

“Consumers like aluminium cans but the contents are easily spilt once opened. SipNShut lets consumers take previously opened cans with them on the go in the same way they would use a plastic bottle. Given the growing consumer pushback against plastic, SipNShut also offers beverage brands a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles,” said Chris Schorre, CMO, SipNShut.

With consumers making the switch from plastic products, cans are becoming more popular. A study done by the company revealed that 60 percent of adults said that they wanted resealable cans, with 70 percent indicating that option would be preferable.