They may be ‘ugly’, but they are no less good. Still, in times marked by serial perfection, misshapen fruit and veggies rarely make it to the produce department of any supermarket.
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has apparently managed to overturn this ‘rule’ in the UK, by railing against the practice of throwing vegetables and fruit away just because they looked too unappealing for customers.
The chef challenged consumers to show those ‘wonky vegs’ some love, and consumers delivered. British chain Asda has recently launched a trial at 128 branches across the UK, selling an in-store range of ‘wonky veg’ boxes discounted by 30 percent. Containing nine different seasonal misshapen vegetables, the boxes sold out in less than one hour.
Asda’s produce quality director, Ian Harrison, said that the company has been ‘absolutely overwhelmed’ by the customers’ response and pledged to make the boxes a permanent initiative by providing 10,000 of them to 550 stores at least once on month.