new world supermarketIf Foodstuffs’ prediction is accurate, by 2017 the Manawatu town of Feilding will gain a new supermarket, but not the one that the community has been expecting.

Even though a brand-new PAK’nSAVE store was due to open in the area by early 2014, multiple delays just had Foodstuffs North Island change its plans. A bigger and modern New World will instead fill the empty plot, replacing the existing Fergusson St New World whose lease is set to expire in 2017.

“Our view is that Feilding could not support a fourth supermarket, and we felt that the New World is the right store to provide the community with a modern, full service, food and grocery offer,” said Angela Bull, general property manager, Foodstuffs North Island.

The new location would allow for a larger building and more car parking available, while the space left by the old New World could be used for real estate purposes.

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