A Significant Donation for a Significant Cause

woman in hi-vis passing donated goods to man in front of a van

House of Fine Foods, founded 26 years ago by Wayne and Karin Tibbotts, has donated a quarter of a million packets of product to various not-for-profit organisations in recent months. 

The most notable and recent recipient of this donation was Kiwi Harvest, a national food bank working with 227 charities across Aotearoa, supporting poor communities and reducing food waste. The second was the ASA Foundation, a South Auckland charity helping to connect vulnerable families, community groups, and churches to government agencies and providers. 

House of Fine Foods keeps family at the heart of its thriving business, grounded by its strong family values, exceptional customer service, strong relationships and years of keeping pace with the ever-changing FMCG sector. The team share a passion for great food experiences and take pride in the fantastic job they do for brands they represent. Their purpose - Tiaki katoa (to look after everyone) - is driven by the act of giving, nurturing relationships, and giving back to the communities they serve. 

“Doing good with food is something that is incredibly close to our heart,” Joanie Nel, Channel and Brand Manager explained. The donation was equivalent to eight truckloads of product.