New Zealand smart drink brand Ārepa has patented its nootropic formula as part of its goal to become “the world’s most iconic brain health brand.” The drink contains four main ingredients; Enzogenol (pine bark extract) blackcurrant extract, 100 percent pure L-theanine and green tea extract.

The company worked with researchers from the Centre of Brain Research at the University of Auckland to conduct two double-blind crossover placebo-controlled studies in order to provide backing for its products. The smart drink is also being tested by the University of Auckland’s School of Sports Science and Nutrition. This test will see the drink trialled by fatigued athletes to test their cognitive function after exercise.

The company has had to overcome a number of challenges to get them where they are today.

Founder, Angus Brown, names; raising money, convincing people, backing up health claims and creating the formulation as just some of the challenges the company has had to face while creating their new smart drink.

“Trying to convince New Zealand’s top neuroscientists to undertake a study on our beverage and trying to convince investors to provide funding on something radically new was a challenge for us.”

“We also have some amazing science on both our formula and individual ingredients. It’s hard taking complex science and concisely educating our consumers on the research and health benefits without stepping over the line the New Zealand regulations have set out.”

Ārepa is currently manufacturing four products – freeze-dried Neuroberries, capsules, superfood nootropic powder and a beverage. The now-patented drink and powder have 5/5 health stars, are all-natural, caffeine free and hold ten plus years of research behind them.

As for what’s next for the company – “Taking on the world. We have a number of countries who are wanting our product, so just working on upscaling and expansion. Our global patent applications are also expanding into other markets, and we are focusing on product development.”