The Better Drinks company has formed a partnership with New Zealand functional beverage company – No Ugly. The agreement will see the distribution of No Ugly increase to 3,000 stockists across New Zealand.

However, the relationship has significant benefits to both parties as Aaron Taylor, Co-founder, No Ugly explained – “the functional beverage category is growing rapidly on the back of demand for drinks that are better for you but still taste great. The functional beverages market is growing at a phenomenal rate, so this relationship is great for both of our businesses, as it helps us to grow our distribution while giving The Better Drinks Co access to a new product that cuts through the clutter from a marketing perspective.”

No Ugly operates a unique SWAPPA crate system where 100 percent of the bottles sold through this subscription-based service are reused. This unique approach to creating a more sustainable model has been crucial to the early success of No Ugly and was an important factor in The Better Drinks Co choosing to enter into an agreement with No Ugly.

“From launching the brand with a unique distribution and recycling processes to developing a new and delicious range of functional beverages No Ugly have been innovative in their approach from day one. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and apply some of the practices No Ugly have developed to our brands while at the same time using our networks and relationships to increase the availability of No Ugly in New Zealand and our off-shore markets,” added James Connelly, head of The Better Drinks Co.

No Ugly will continue to operate the SWAPPA crate and e-commerce channels as well as the manufacturing and marketing of all No Ugly products.

Since launching in December 2017, No Ugly has gained a foothold in the functional beverage category, rapidly growing distribution to 150 stores across New Zealand and across Auckland via a unique subscription service.