‘Bean’ Thinking About Dinner?

Proudly Kiwi brand Bean Supreme is offering three delicious ways to enjoy plant-based eating this autumn with a trio of new products as big on flavour as they are on goodness: Bean Supreme Quinoa & Mushroom Burger, Supremely Savoury Sausages, and Wholefood Mince.

Still leading the charge in innovative, real plant-based food with ingredients you recognise, Bean Supreme create products designed to be healthy and delicious – made for meat-eaters, flexitarians or vegetarians. The new trio of products are no different, and promise to be a great base for a variety of easy-to-cook, plant-based meals – great for warming dinners over the cooler months.

Bean Supreme’s Quinoa & Mushroom Burger joins the brand’s already popular wholefood burger patty range, packing an impressive flavour punch to go alongside its 5 Health Star rating. To create this burger, Bean Supreme has teamed up with another local supplier, Kiwi Quinoa. The quinoa is grown in New Zealand’s Central Plateau, in keeping with Bean Supreme’s ethos of supporting local wherever possible. The burgers also contain mushrooms, black beans, kumara and borlotti beans, and are perfect for a quick, healthy 15-minute mid-week meal.

Bean Supreme Supremely Savoury Sausages are the second entirely plant-based sausage in the brand’s range. Using tofu made fresh daily from whole non-GMO soybeans, it provides a good source of protein and a 3.5 Health Star rating. Designed to be a flavour hit with the whole family, these sausages are perfect either on their own or as part of a comforting winter hot pot.

Meanwhile, the new star of the range, Bean Supreme Wholefood Mince is jam packed with real wholefood ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, puy lentils, buckwheat, chickpeas and plenty more. Gluten free and with a 4.5 Health Star rating, this mince has been designed for versatility and can be used in a variety of dishes –such as classic spaghetti bolognese, meatballs, or nachos. Pro tip: With this mince taking only six minutes to heat through, mid-week meals will never be easier. The plant-based mince can also be added to bulk up and add extra nutrition to your meal repertoire.

The three new products are the latest from a bold company that has been pro-plant long before the flexitarian eating trend became a way of life for millions of people around the world.

Paul Johnston founded Bean Supreme in the 1980s after seeing the health and environmental benefits of soy foods when travelling overseas. He still works for Life Health Foods today, and says Bean Supreme’s latest products aren’t pretending.

“Our three new products have followed a simple philosophy and process. They’re not pretending to be meat - because plants can be delicious and nutritious in their own right, while being a little kinder to the planet.”

As well as being packed with easily recognised ingredients, Bean Supreme’s products are also free of palm oil and GMO soy, ensuring customers are helping care for their environment as well as themselves while cooking dinner.