Huggies Introduce a More Slimline Nappy Pant

New research released by Huggies has revealed that babies walk almost four times the daily distance that adults in New Zealand do, taking an average of 17,448 steps per day and covering an average distance of 3.4km – the equivalent of nine laps of Eden Park, or climbing the Sky Tower’s 1,103 stairs almost 16 times.

The research was commissioned to uncover just how much bubs’ (between six and 36 months) actually move, as Huggies launches its Nappy Pant range with new SlimFLEX technology, specifically designed to help active babies explore the world in ultimate comfort and dryness. This research was undertaken by parents manually recording movements over two-minute intervals and based on an estimated eight hours of active time a day for bubs.

While the step count alone is impressive, the analysis also captured the active range of movements bubs’ make, including a daily average of 5,280 crawl-steps, 2,640 commando crawls, 2,400 leg kicks, 1,440 bum shuffles and 720 climbs. With 1,710 different moves per hour, little ones are doing more reps than an average 45-minute circuit class!

Huggies revolutionary SlimFLEX absorbent core heralds a new era for the Nappy Pant format – reducing bulk (which can limit movement), whilst still providing Huggies trusted absorbency. Its Huggies most advanced moisture lock technology providing a Nappy Pant that’s 25% thinner for less bulk and 70% more flexible, allowing bubs to move more freely.

“At Huggies we’ve been listening to parents repeated requests for a more slimline Nappy Pant, that keeps their bub comfortable and most importantly dry, during their most active stages. We’ve spent five years developing the SlimFLEX technology to specifically meet the needs of Kiwi bubs, and we’re so thrilled with the end result – our very own take on active wear for bubs, giving them the support they need as they move from one milestone to another," said Pip Catherwood, Marketing Manager at Huggies New Zealand.

This resonates with Kiwi parents, who are after a nappy solution for bub that is made for movement, slim-fitting and flexible. Over a third (35%) of Kiwi parents4 said they dislike how their current nappies sag when weighed down, while 13% dislike how bulky the nappies they currently use are. It’s not surprising then that 99% of Kiwi parents5 said they would purchase a nappy that is thinner, more flexible and moves with their baby, without sacrificing on the absorbency of a traditional nappy.

SlimFLEX is Huggies most advanced moisture lock technology with five slimline layers that instantly absorb, draw in moisture, and lock it away from bubs skin for superior dryness with up to 12 hours of leakage protection.

Huggies Ultimate and Ultra-Dry nappy pants with new SlimFLEX technology are now available in major grocery and independent retailers nationally including Countdown, Foodstuffs and Chemist Warehouse, and through a range of online retailers.