Little Bellies is New Zealand’s leading baby and toddler snacking range, which has strong loyalty and engagement with millennial parents. The brand believes nurturing comes naturally, so it simply provides good foods that parents trust throughout their child’s natural development. As children grow, Little Bellies will be in the background with plenty of age appropriate wholesome snack options. Little Bellies’ snacks are designed to support every step of a child’s natural progression; from palate development to motor skills. The Baby Bellies’ Tasty Textures range for 7+months and More to the Explore range for 10+ months, introduces subtle flavours and new texture experiences for mini mouths and little fingers. The Toddlers in Training range for 12+ months includes snacks with adventurous textures, shapes and flavours to encourage a positive transition to toddlerhood. The range is all certified organic, have no unnecessary sugar or salt and do not contain added colours, flavours or additives. Little Bellies has also created ‘Our Happy Bellies Pledge’ to help consumers do what’s natural and make informed snack choices. For more information visit or contact Follow LittleBellies on Instagram @belliesofficial and Facebook