Bright Light for Oakley’s

Oakley Potatoes announces one of the South Islands Largest Solar Panel installations

Oakley's Premium Fresh Vegetables Limited are the proud owners of 564 new solar panels, one of the largest installations in the South Island. Found at the Southbridge post-harvest site, the 220kw system will provide energy for the company's potatoes and broccoli lines.

Oakley's has worked with CPS solar to introduce the grid-tied system that will provide 40 percent of its yearly energy demands. The energy will be used across storing, washing, packing and dispatching fresh vegetables, and efficiently reduces carbon emissions.

Oakley's is a family-owned and operated business that started way back in the 1870s. Currently run by Robin Oakley, a fifth-generation Oakley, the company is striving for sustainability and is excited to take continued steps towards the United Nations' seventh development goal of universal access to affordable and clean energy.

Oakleys are committed to leaving the heart better than they found it and are proud to have an impact on New Zealand's environmental growth.