Christmas food rescue

The annual Christmas Food Rescue Appeal has officially come back, thanks to a long-running partnership between Countdown and the Salvation Army.
The charitable organisation has estimated that around 26,000 families will ask for food assistance by year end, with a substantial increase due to several factors, including housing costs and job security. Families with children remain the largest group needing assistance, but single men aged between 20 and 50 are the fastest growing one.
Shoppers can help them either by making a cash donation at the checkout or donating non-perishable items in-store. In addition to that, Countdown will provide $90,000 worth of groceries to all Salvation Army’s centres nationwide.
“Our food hampers usually contain meat, vegetables, dessert, fruit and treats that allow families to mark Christmas as a special occasion,” said Major Pamela Waugh, national secretary for social services, Salvation Army.
The list of most-needed food items includes pasta and rice, cereals, canned spaghetti and baked beans, sauces, sugar, flour, baby food and hygiene products.