A SuperValue store will open on Monday, February 15 in Auckland’s newest central-eastern suburb, Stonefields. Established in 1964, the chain is a franchise of Wholesale Distributors Limited (WDL), a subsidiary of Countdown’s owners Progressive Enterprises Ltd.
Over the past months, SuperValue Stonefields had its store-room, ramps, trolley bays and canopies upgraded, and the local community recently got the chance to stroll along the aisles for the first time (video).
The new store will become a relevant part of Stonefields, an ongoing residential and retail development by Todd Property Group, encompassing an area of 110 hectares. On completion, which is expected by 2025, the whole complex is set to house approximately 6000 residents
The project includes a sheltered high-quality urban village, a school for 500 primary-aged students and Stonefields Market, featuring shops, cafés and a supermarket. A mix of corporate and independent retailers, Stonefields Market has been specifically designed to connect the community to the origin and history of Stonefields, creating a modern, yet timeless, neighbourhood centre. 

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