Clean Flavour. Inspired by Nature.

Finery is the new first-to-market premium 0% cocktail range available for grocery.

This exciting new range taps into the rapidly growing 'better for me' NOLO alcohol and beverage categories.

Available in 4 flavours, Finery 0% alcohol free sparkling cocktails offer clean flavours inspired by nature, with no added sugar, carb free and gluten free. Finery is designed to be placed instore with other “non alcoholic” spirits and products. E.g. Bubbles & Wine Options.

Already in key locations, Finery has proven to be hugely popular with the growing clean drinking consumer.

100% New Zealand owned and operated, Finery is passionate about delivering quality with a nothing to hide approach to business, product development and environmental sustainability. The new 0% range is an extension of their popular 5% Vodka Cocktail range.

Available direct from your Foodstuffs DC or contact Jane Allan directly 021 752 356 or email