Confectionery & Snacks Spotlight at Japan’s Food Export Fair

"Japan's Food" Export Fair is an exclusive trade show for importers, wholesalers and international buyers to import/purchase Japanese food and beverage products, strongly supported by the Japanese government. Quality Japanese foods and drinks will be showcased under one roof!

This year's fair shines a spotlight on Confectionery & Snack foods. Exhibitors and exhibits will include iconic Japanese sweet and savoury snacks.

For those with a sweet tooth, Glico's Pocky Almond Crush - a chocolate coated biscuit stick sprinkled with crushed almonds - will exhibit alongside Kyoto's Arashiyama Matcha Sweet Rice Dumplings.

Glico's Pocky Almond Crush

Other sweet confectionery and snacks include Miumi Tokyo's Fruit Sherbet Ice Cream (an ice dessert with a smooth texture using seasonal fruits), Tokachi's Chocolatete Rice Cakes, and Meitetsu Kyosho Co's Ise Green Tea Cookie (a two-layer cookie made with Ise green tea and finished with line-drawn chocolate).

Savoury snacks being showcased include Tukkul's Cheese Senbei crackers, Sokan Nori Salt Lotus Root Chips and Takuma's Mixed Snacks cans. Other products iconic to Japan such as Fried Squid Snacks with horseradish (a crunchy fried squid snack sprinkled with the famous horseradish powder from Hokkaido) and Usuyaki Itya Scallop & Shrimp will also be exhibited.

Edoya's Fried Squid Snack with horseradish

The exclusive trade show will take place June 22-24 2022 in Koto City, Tokyo, Japan.

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