A NEW Zealand food labelling case study has found most Kiwis (58%) are confused by food labels and more than half (53%) felt more information is needed on food labels. Four out of ten consumers surveyed requested country of origin and manufacturing details to be included on food labels. The study, commissioned by Impact PR’s managing director Fleur Revell, has been included in a new university text book which is available in academic institutions in many of our key trading partners including China, USA, Canada and Australia. Published by Cambridge University Press, Dynamics of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business Cases, has received positive reviews by academics. "The fact that New Zealand's Country of Origin Labelling position is finding an international spotlight demonstrates there is an opportunity for us to become world leaders in improving communication between manufacturers and consumers. There is a significant amount of work to be done to provide a higher degree of transparency so that more informed decisions can be made at the point of purchase," says Revell.

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