Lunchbox Safe Alternatives

Made from roasted chickpeas, VGood spreads are nut-free, lunchbox safe alternatives to peanut butter and choc-hazelnut spreads with a focus on great taste and a great eating experience. The unique PeaNOT Butter recipe delivers a real ‘peanut butter’ taste and texture, and the HazelNOT Choc is a delicious chocolatey spread, made completely free from peanuts and tree-nuts. With over 50% chickpeas they offer active kids with a source of protein, fibre, and iron. HazelNOT Choc contains 60% less sugar than other choc-hazelnut spreads, and the range contains no artificial preservatives or colours.

VGood Spreads are great options for families wanting to save time in the mornings with simple yet healthy lunchbox solutions, as well as for nut-free baking, smoothies, savoury dishes such as satay sauce, and they are vegan friendly. The VGood production facility is free from peanuts, tree-nuts, gluten, soy and dairy.