Feijoa Season Looking Bright

The New Zealand feijoa season is looking bright as fine weather brings an earlier harvest than usual for the fruit, which are expected to hit supermarket shelves this week.

T&G Fresh’s key supplier of feijoas, Kaiaponi Farms, is expecting another great season with ideal weather conditions and a new packing line bringing greater consistency of fruit to consumers.

“Thanks to plenty of irrigation and a bit of rain we’re expecting a slightly bigger fruit size profile this season, which we know our Kiwi consumers will love," said Kaiaponi Farms Commercial Manager Barton Witters.

“With T&G Fresh as our preferred feijoa distributor for the second year, we look forward to continuing to provide top quality fruit at an accessible price under our K-fruit brand.”

T&G Fresh and Kaiaponi Farms are working together on a new season social media campaign to drive consumers to K-fruit.

“As there is only a small harvesting period for feijoas, getting awareness out to our consumers quickly is vital to ensure the popular fruit can be enjoyed by many!” said T&G Fresh Trade Marketing Manager, Louise Srhoj.

The social media campaign will share various recipes and include a giveaway of the delicious, high fibre fruit, which is rich in vitamin C.

Kaiaponi Farms has been growing feijoas in Gisborne for the past 20 years and has gained market share by growing larger commercial blocks of the newest varieties, enabling greater consistency, size and taste compared to what’s currently on the market.

“We pride ourselves on having a crop that is picked daily and shipped to market overnight, to ensure the fruit is of the freshest quality for our consumers each and every season,” said Barton.