COVID 19 Update – NZFGC

NZFGC - "Disappointing news to all about another Lockdown in Auckland, but all FGC members know what to do. Good luck over the next week and please get in touch with all and any issues.

Here are the latest updates from the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry of Transport.

1. Message from Ray Smith, Director General, Ministry for Primary Industries

The Prime Minister announced tonight that Auckland will move to Alert Level 3 from 6am, Sunday February 28, and the rest of the country will move to Alert Level 2.

The Alert Levels will initially be in place for a period of seven days while further investigations are conducted.

The primary sector can continue to operate at both levels 2 and 3. Businesses and workers need to comply with the Government’s COVID-19 alert level settings and observe any protocols for their particular industry. For more information please see here.

An Alert Level boundary will be in place around Auckland. Many primary sector businesses will be able to travel across the Alert Level boundary.  These include businesses involved in:

·      primary processing, production and supply of food and drink. It also includes businesses involved in the production of packaging for the products of primary production for food or drink and all businesses transporting freight.
·      veterinary and animal health and welfare services, but only if travel between Alert Level areas is necessary to enable the service to be provided and not providing the service would result in animal welfare concerns.

Please note, forestry and wood processing can operate within the alert level boundaries, but they will have to apply for an exemption to travel across the alert level boundary unless they are involved in packaging for food and drink.  Note that forestry and wood processing freight can cross the border, but not employees going to work.

More information about permitted activities, exemptions and travel across Alert Level boundaries can be found here on the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) website.

Register to travel

A reminder that MBIE has developed a Business Travel Register (see here)  to enable businesses and organisations to request travel documents: either for permitted activities or, if required, to seek an exemption to travel from the Director-General of Health if your business activity does not appear on the permitted activities referred to above.

The Business Travel Register will generate Business Travel Documents for workers to display at checkpoints.  This includes a QR code, which enables Police at the cordon to verify the document digitally against the travel register. It is important that today you register your businesses for travel.

If you requested and received Business Travel Documents during the Alert Level 3 in Auckland earlier this month, or received an exemption, you can use those documents and do not need to apply again.

Thank you for your perseverance and commitment to continue operating while keeping your staff and New Zealanders safe from COVID-19.

Ray Smith
MPI Director-General

2. Message from Ministry of Transport

By now you will have no doubt heard the latest news that we are moving back to Alert Levels 3 (Auckland) and 2 (rest of country) from 6am tomorrow (Sunday 28 Feb) for 7 days.

The boundary between the alert level areas will be reinstated and the previous restrictions and requirements apply.

All previous business travel documents (acquired through the MBIE website for permitted activities and exemptions) remain valid so you will be able to use them again.

If you need to register your agency’s workers/help your stakeholders understand how to register:
Information on travel for business purposes is available at -
The first video link under the AL2_3 border- youtube link doc provides instructions on how to undertake registration.

We are waiting for the new Health Order to be finalised before we can issue our transport guidance. I expect to be able to send this guidance to you tomorrow morning.

Ngā mihi

Harriet Shelton
Manager, Supply Chain

3. FGC Event: Postponement of FGC & ANZ International Women’s Day Event, March 4th. We will keep you informed about a new date.

And finally, for some Lockdown reading…

4.The Commerce Commission has published NZFGC’s submission and others discussing issues raised in the Commission’s Market Study into Grocery Retail, which has part of its terms of reference the consideration of the treatment of New Zealand suppliers. All comments welcome.

As always on any issue feel free to contact the FGC office or telephone/email me personally. We are here to help members and do our best to support you."