Culley’s Celebrates 10 years!

Culley’s, named after owner and founder Chris Cullen who turned his side hustle and passion for hot sauce into a career, is celebrating its 10th Birthday.

Chris’ passion for all things hot started from a very young age and saw him creating hot sauces for friends and family neatly branded with his trusty potato stamp. Flashback to 2011 where it all began at the Clevedon Farmer's Markets, now you can buy Culley's products in supermarkets across New Zealand and all around the world!

As an ex-chef, Chris’ creativity is endless. Whether it’s new sauces, fine recipes or getting back in the kitchen for the benefit of family and friends, Chris’ boundless enthusiasm and drive is what will see Culley’s continue to challenge and make their mark on the world hot sauce stage.

“Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us in this journey - we can't thank you enough for supporting us along the way,” stated Culley’s on their Facebook page.

Get your hands on Culley’s one-off small batch limited 10th Birthday Habanero Hot Sauces.

Hand crafted by Culley from locally grown chillies and produced to celebrate their 10th Birthday.