Bradley Patton

A major refurb introducing a cutting edge new look and feel is currently bringing Invercargill’s Elles Road New World right up to date and should be completed soon.
The store is still family-owned but has been taken over a few months ago by Bradley Patton whose parents Barry and Marie have been the owner/operators for many years.
Bradley has of course grown up in the business but gained experience on the supply side. After leaving university, he joined the Nestle graduate programme and worked as an account manager in the route trade. His time with the company included four years with the Swiss giant in the UK.
Developing the New World has been top of his agenda and the work has included a refrigeration upgrade, plant refurbishment and work to improve sustainability. And although the footprint has not increased, the substantial changes have brought increased sku numbers in almost every department.
The next generation of Pattons has certainly picked up the challenge with fresh ideas that will appeal to this southern community.