Everybird Hits the Coffee Aisles

Auckland-based Kokako Organic Coffee has been at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the specialty coffee sector. Now, after navigating the past few years through the pandemic, the New Zealand owned and operated coffee roaster has expanded into the grocery sector with the introduction of its new dedicated supermarket speciality coffee brand, Everybird.

“It’s time for us to try something new, something that challenges us and provides some resilience for an uncertain world,” said Everybird’s brand manager, Sam Taylor.

“Everything has changed in the last few years, the way we work, the way we socialise and the way we shop. Supermarkets are fast changing too, and we think this is the right time to deliver something new and exciting to the coffee aisle.”

Everybird has launched two crowd-pleasing blends, Everyday and Half-Caf, with a particular focus on quality, sustainability, innovation and new product development.

“With more people around the country up-scaling their at-home coffee set-up, we wanted to provide a great Fairtrade, organic specialty coffee that's delicious, versatile, easy to access and at a fair price point. We hope that people will see the value in supporting a local company who is committed to doing right by the planet and its people.”

“It was important to us that we delivered something new to the category to help grow sales. We’ve also worked  with FMCG specialists, Marx on the design in Econic compostable pouches by Hamilton-based Convex packaging. With  more people working from home and investing in their home coffee setup we can see the premiumisation of the category changing the way consumers make their purchasing decisions,” said Taylor.

The Everyday Blend is a bold, a bit chocolatey, a bit biscuity, suited to all brew methods and just as delicious black as it is with milk or milk alternatives. While Half-Caf is the coffee you buy when you want all the flavour, but half the caffeine. It’s made with 50 percent full strength Everyday Blend, and 50 percent Swiss Water Decaf which is decaffeinated in Canada using only time, temperature and water. It’s for those who want a little more jive and little less jitterbug – who want to drink coffee all day, into the afternoon, without staying up all night.

“We’re particularly excited about Half-Caf as it creates more opportunity for consumers to enjoy coffee throughout the  day, and follows similar trends in the craft beer sector where moderation has seen low and zero alcohol beer sales soar.  We expect Half-Caf to be a real category driver and appeal to a wider cross section of consumers,” said Taylor.

Everybird carries the same ethical certifications as Kokako, being certified fairtrade, organic through BioGro, and climate neutral via the Fair Climate Fund.

“We roast specialty coffee right here in Aotearoa that is certified Fairtrade and organic. We also offset the unavoidable carbon emissions on every kilo of coffee we roast through the Fair Climate Fund.”

Specialty coffee is the term used for coffee that's been scored above 80 (out of a possible 100 points) by a certified 'Q grader' (someone who grades coffee for a living). In other words, it's really high quality coffee.

Both blends are available as whole beans, plunger and espresso, and come in shelf-ready shippers of six units.

All six 200g SKUs can be ordered via Ceres Organics; the national distributor for Everybird. For more information contact  your Ceres representative or email orders@ceres.co.nz