Here are our top five must-see stands at Fine Food NZ, which kicks off this weekend in Auckland.

RIOT FOODS – Stand B12

Riot Foods is a wholefoods manufacturer through the CleanPaleo and Poppy + Olive brands (with more to come), we’re already providing consumers with whole food options for everyday packaged foods.

The CleanPaleo brand encompasses a range of premium wholefoods that lead with flavour. The range now includes over 20 products that currently includes Breakfast Blends (cereals), Protein Powders, Biltong (dried beef) and Bread (gluten-free). All are Paleo wholefoods ranges.

The Poppy and Olive branded nut butters are made from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, our range which features Smooth Almond, Crunchy Almond, Cashew Almond and of course, Chocolate Hazelnut.

Both Clean Paleo and Poppy and Olive are premium brands targeted at consumers seeking to maintain a Paleo, Gluten-Free, or simply a healthy lifestyle, and is characterized by products that are free from gluten, grains, dairy, preservatives and additives. For more information please contact Sales Manager Tim Holt at or call +6421873146.


Make sure you stop by The Fresh Grower stand to see their latest introduction of a long-stemmed cauliflower. Like cauliflower, it’s great for plating and presentation and with the additional stem brings extra texture and taste.

The seasonal selections from The Fresh Grower reinvent familiar vegetables but with a fresh take. The produce is grown to fit current values, lifestyles and tastes. As a business, it has three promises for now and the future – sustainability, environmental awareness and innovative new products.

Grown in the lush soil of Pukekohe, picked fresh to be eaten daily, ask them about their full range and how it can improve your business.

For more information or 09 238 8873.


Nelson company, Appleby Farms has launched onto the premium ice-cream scene with an emphasis on its cow-to-cone philosophy. Appleby Farms has taken the whole ice-cream process and turned it into a labour of love. No fake tastes and textures, just hand-crafted ice creams that satisfy sensory cravings. With wonderful ice cream, comes wonderful milk – enter the Appleby cows. Appleby Farms use the milk from its herd of A2 cows in Nelson. It heads straight from the milking shed into its new creamery 15-minutes down the road. The ingredients that are used are sourced from local growers and partners, and a portion of the profit is reinvested in sustainable farming practices and environmental projects in the region. The new range includes Bedford Vanilla Bean – Vanilla Ice Cream, Brown Eyed Girl – Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, Doubleshot Ipanema – Coffee Ice Cream and Bad Boys & Berries – Boysenberry Ice Cream. For more information contact Andrew Gray at or call 027 348 3738.


Innovation can be challenging but it can also be exciting, and for the last seventy years Burns & Ferrall has supplied kitchen equipment to businesses throughout New Zealand as the heart of innovation. From cooking equipment, bakery, clean up, and a huge range of glassware, foodservice, and kitchenware items, Burns & Ferrall are the true one stop shop for hospitality, foodservice and bakery operators.

To celebrate this 70-year milestone, Burns & Ferrall has mixed innovation with creativity and developed the Great Container Kitchen Giveaway. Up for grabs is a fully equipped, fully functional commercial kitchen housed inside a custom built recycled container – an amazing container kitchen worth over $125,000. Anyone can enter the competition – it’s that easy. Spend $1000 or more with Burns & Ferrall to automatically go into the draw.

When clever solutions to industry challenges are needed and costs for opening restaurants eye-wateringly high, Burns & Ferrall delivers.


Baxter’s Original is an award-winning, gluten-free bbq and hot sauce family business based in Miramar, Wellington. The ‘Baxters Original’ bbq and hot sauce range were born in 2013 when the gluten intolerant Baxter family arrived in New Zealand from America and were unable to find a delicious gluten-free sauce in their newly adopted country. After sharing their homemade sauces with friends, an increasing number of condiment lovers spread the word and ever since the Baxters have created their original recipes of handcrafted, favour filled, gluten-free sauces for everyone to enjoy.

From ‘Sweet and Smoky’ a delicious family favourite and bestseller, through to the spicier ‘Dragons Breath’ which recently earned ‘World Champion’ status at the 2107 World Hot Sauce Awards, Baxters Original delivers that extra zest to your favourite food.
The delicious hot sauces are available in 150ml bottles. The bbq sauce range consists of four great favours available in 300ml bottles and also in bulk two and five-litre containers for the foodservice industry.

For more information get straight to the sauce!
Ph: +64 21 474 402 : :