From the people behind Bakeworks comes a brand new range of gluten free sprouted seed breads, Home St. With a fluffy texture and an uncanny resemblance to glutinous bread, the unique range of Sprouted Good Seed products includes buns, bread and pizza bases, opening up a new world for the healthy conscious, gluten intolerant and lovers of all things bread. The name draws on the Bakeworks’ founders’ shared history after meeting while living in a flat in Auckland’s when their mission for bringing real good food to the people who wanted it began. The founders, Kirsten and Dave, remembered their mum’s jar of alfalfa sprouts on the windowsill, a time when nutrition mattered.

The result is a range of products as nutritious as they are delicious. Home St. bread is baked with sprouted and activated seeds meaning the nutrients have been unlocked and are more bioavailable, making it easier for your body to absorb. Ingredients, many organic, have been hand-picked based on its nutritional properties to serve, not just your taste buds, but also your health. “This range is about beginnings, about sprouted goodness, about rediscovering nutritious bread again. We truly believe people are crying out for something different that is good and honest, and this range is everything we believe food should be,” explained Dave. All Home St. products are available from Farro stores and will be available in selected supermarkets nationwide in April.