Eco-friendly nappy brand Noopii, has been in the pipeline for several years, and in the last two years, through hard work, determination and a huge amount of R&D, has come to life on shelf, revolutionising the nappy industry.  

Co-Founder and environmentalist, Bridget Bodie-Healy, is extremely passionate about solving problems and her unapologetic loathing for plastic and products that contribute to the widespread pollution of the environment led her to create Noopii (a derivative of the old English word for nappy which was originally spelt as Nopi). 

This new venture follows on from Bodie-Healy’s launch of New Zealand’s first and most successful range of 100 percent organic cotton feminine hygiene products under the Oi brand. In that category, Oi solved a plastic and healthcare problem and provided women with an organic cotton, affordable choice. 

Through mutual friends, Bodie-Healy met Charlotte Rebbeck, who, after founding one of the first organic baby food companies in New Zealand, was keen for a new challenge and joined her to take on the role of director of sales at Noopii. 

Bridget Bodie-Healy and Charlotte Rebbeck

“Eco products are quite tricky to get right, and performance is everything,” said Bodie-Healy. 

“We are still on our journey to create great products and we strive to keep innovating and to do better, making a positive and measurable difference in the world is at the heart of the Noopii brand.” Noopii products, packaging and shipping cartons collectively are 70 percent sustainable, and as new materials are developed and technology is advanced, so too will the brand’s sustainability to reach a goal of 100 percent. 

“Noopii is more than just a nappy company. We care deeply about the well-being and welfare of children and are passionate about the health of our environment. Our nappies, pants, packaging and shipping cartons are made using plant based renewable and sustainable materials and packaged in paper, not plastic, because a nappy that’s better for the environment is better for your baby too.”

Sustainability and eco materials are quite complex and there is a huge amount of ‘greenwashing’. Noopii’s vision is to be the most trusted healthcare brand and as such is completely transparent about their materials and manufacturing.  It has been proven that any higher percentage in nappy sustainability severely impacts performance, breathability, softness and comfort, something the brand is not willing to sacrifice on. The brand has received the highest test result possible, certified with excellence from Dermatest in Germany with all of its range tested to be safe even for the most sensitive and delicate skin.  

The brand’s commitment to the environment goes further than just its products. To off-set its carbon footprint, Noopii supports the one million trees planted campaign and contributes funds to reforestation and species recovery programmes. “We all have a duty of care and responsibility to this very special and unique land we call home. We are the Kaitaki (te reo for guardians) for future generations.” 

Noopii was born to be a market disruptor, to change conventional norms and to have a positive impact through revolutionising the nappy industry. The wholly-owned NZ FernMark accredited company, currently has a manufacturer in Auckland, while the nappies are being initially assembled in PRC (The people’s republic of China) until such time as its own nappy manufacturing facility can be built in New Zealand. The Noopii range of nappy products are designed in NZ, and also contain NZ Manuka Hydrosol to ensure products are safe and naturally antibacterial. Its entry into the market has seen the initial launch of a focussed-range of products including nappies and nappy pants with high performance levels in mind at an affordable price for consumers. Its superior performance, comfort, softness, breathability and quality make for a premium product and injection of innovation and sustainability into the nappy aisle. Offering up to 12 hours of leak protection, Noopii nappies and pants are free from latex, chlorine, artificial dyes and perfumes, giving parents peace of mind and providing a natural solution in baby care. 

“Consumers want choice, they want a more sustainable disposable option that provides the comfort and performance they need, and we believe that Noopii has solved that problem.”

Each of the packs have been designed with a native New Zealand critter or creature combined with a beautiful native flora motif. For each pack sold, Noopii donates a percentage of its sales to an organisation that helps to support and conserve unique and threatened New Zealand native animals featured on both its packaging and nappies. “At Noopii we excel at coming up with clever design solutions for the health care and environmental challenges we all face in an ever-changing world. We are agile, lean, inventive, creative and hardworking.” 

This deep, can-do attitude is in their DNA and the team frequently over-deliver and strive to be at the cutting edge of innovation and design. Just three months in to its official launch, and current stockist list, Noopii has contributed over $1,000 for its charity partners and are incredibly proud to be able to make a positive difference so soon after hitting shelves. 

“Our vision is to make a positive and measurable difference to parents and children around the world, whilst encouraging sensible and sustainable choices to protect our precious environment for generations to enjoy. We want to do more than make exceptional, environmentally responsible products. Noopii exists to have a positive impact on our environment by reducing plastic going into landfills. Our environmental initiatives aim to give back and support recovery programmes for land, sea and wildlife.”

In 2020, the brand looks to launch a new maternal and foetal health programme focussing on improving mother and baby wellbeing through education online while continuing its fight in reducing plastic and chemicals to be better-for-baby and for the planet. 

To find out more, or to stock this innovative and forward-thinking brand, visit or contact, 027 883 4717.