Indulge in the Strongest Coffee Yet

Treat yourself to a luxurious full-bodied coffee experience with L’OR’s newest addition – Ultimo.

L’OR coffee artists have blended high quality Arabica beans to deliver an intensity 13 dark roast espresso, our strongest brew yet.

Contained within an aluminium capsule, designed to use with your Nespresso®* coffee machine, L’OR Espresso Ultimo is a full-bodied espresso with a long and intense aftertaste of roasted coffee and rich chocolate. Right from the first taste you’ll be captivated by the smooth intensity.

Becky Oliver at L’OR said Kiwis  prefer a strong brew.

“We know that New Zealanders love a strong cup of coffee, it’s one of the things that make us so unique in the world. That’s why we’ve used darker roasted coffee beans to create a rich and intense brew that remains balanced," said Oliver.

Every L’OR Espresso blend is made from coffee grown according to sustainable production methods and is 100% UTZ certified. L’OR works in collaboration with UTZ to promote sustainable practices in coffee farming, aiming to improve the living conditions of farmers, workers and their families while conserving nature and protecting the environment.