Seasons Greetings from Salt

Salt and pepper go together like macaroni and cheese, or if you're American, peanut butter and jelly, but it's important for these two tabletop staples to occasionally have their own time in the limelight.

For the last few years, the pepper market has been seriously hotting up and in categories you wouldn't normally find this popular seasoning. Pepper's bite is tempered by naturally sweet ingredients like syrups and exotic fruits creating multi-dimensional flavour profiles. Inclusions of pepper in applications such as biscuits, crackers, and even confectionery are being spotted on shelves around the world as consumers look for new innovations to try.

Demand for gourmet salts is growing rapidly, so much so that Tesco's in the UK now stocks over eight different gourmet salt products, outnumbering ordinary table salt skus for the first time ever. This rise in demand has seen gourmet salt move from being an artisanal product to now accounting for more than 40 percent of total salt sales at Tesco. Himalayan Salt and Rock Salt has seen a growth of more than 2,000 percent each.

“The increasing demand is largely down to growing public awareness of the health benefits of scratch-cooking and in turn following chefs’ and influencers’ leads when it comes to seasoning dishes in order to improve the flavour of our food,” said Paul Curtis, a Tesco Herbs and Spices Buyer.

Tesco has doubled its range in the last few years to meet this growing demand.

Below are a few of the leading products featuring Salt and Pepper.

Findlay Foods offers a range of premium Salt and Pepper products that your consumers are looking for. As an essential pantry stable, Salt and Pepper adds natural flavour to enhance and transform everyday cooking and meals.

Findlay Foods’ high-quality product range offers market leading value and has your customers’ needs covered with various sizes and formats available. The range includes:

  • Refillable Ceramic Glass Grinders
  • Resealable Refill Pouches
  • Refillable Twin Grinder Set

Findlay Foods uses only high-quality Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt and Peppercorns and ensures packaging is functional for ease of use. Its grinders are handpicked after going through vigorous testing to ensure they meet customers’ expectations.

Findlay Foods is proudly NZ family owned and operated and is invested in growing and innovating their range of products to deliver products consumers will enjoy for years to come.

For more information on products and ranging contact or call, 09 525 2521.

Loaf’s new brownie balls are delectable balls of Loaf’s best-selling brownie, stuffed with salted caramel, raspberry compote or hazelnut ganache. Perfect for a sneaky afternoon snack, after-dinner treat or the crowning glory of any grazing platter.

For trade enquires contact Keith Clark from Loaf on or call 021 588 603.

The new Healtheries Twirls family bags are perfect for school or work lunches with 50% less fat than regular potato chips.

Healtheries Twirls family bags are a delicious, crunchy, flavour-packed snack available in two new flavours – Chicken and Salt & Vinegar. The new family-sized bags make Healtheries Twirls perfect for your pantry at home as well as in the office cupboard - providing easy portioning and sharing options.

The new flavours of Healtheries Twirls contain all the same ingredients traditional Twirls do, but are now available in family-sized bags for sharing. They are oven baked, contain no artificial colours, are low in sugar, vegan friendly, and are seasoned with all-natural flavours. Sugar can be extremely hard to avoid in pre-packaged snack foods these days, with muesli bars, dried fruit snacks, yoghurt, cereal and crackers being some of the most popular culprits. With its low sugar content, Twirls provide you with an alternative option!

Dairyworks Salted 100% New Zealand Butter is available in two convenient sizes – 100g and 227g – ideal for smaller households and conscious consumers wanting smaller packs to avoid wastage.

RRP $3.00 (100g stick) & $4.29 (227g stick).

Heartland Potato Chips are excited to announce an extension of its current range of traditional Old Fashioned Wave Cut and Kettle Cooked chips.

Its new chips includes both the, 'Nude' offering which has no added salt, while the 'Nearly Nude' offering has low added salt. Both cater to consumers who are wanting less salt in their diet.