Diamond is pleased to bring convenience and quality to the pasta aisle with the launch of the new Heat and Eat pasta range. Made from Italian pasta, simply just heat in a microwave for 60 seconds or stir through pasta sauce. It couldn’t be simpler, to just heat and eat. 

“We saw a very strong opportunity for the Diamond brand to combine the best of Italian made pasta and the strength of Diamond, one of the oldest and trusted pasta brands in New Zealand. Our dry pasta range which was launched last month is now made in Italy with a number of innovative features such as recloseable packs and portion markings. We are now excited to launch the first fully cooked heat and eat pasta in New Zealand. Simply heat and eat – no draining, no mess. Each pack serves two, and it is available in spaghetti and spirals and requires no refrigeration. Just top with the sauce of your choice for a great quick meal," said Susan Harvey, marketing and business development manager.

Diamond has combined the best of Kiwi ingenuity and Italian pasta to give New Zealander's the best of both worlds. An extensive marketing campaign will support the new range with over $1 million combined spend.

“Our market research confirmed that Italian pasta is considered the best pasta in the world and that New Zealander's want trusted recognised brands on their dinner plates. Diamond is one of the most trusted and familiar brands in this category," she added. 

Diamond has a long history in New Zealand when it was the first brand to be licensed during the 1940s to produce pasta in Timaru. At the time pasta was an exotic food, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that pasta became more mainstream with dishes such as macaroni cheese, which is still a firm favourite today. Diamond is still proudly Kiwi owned.

For more information contact: Wilson Consumer Products, Phone +09 379 5350.