Robert and Shannon Auton started Oob organic with a single blueberry orchard in Omaha. Since their origins, they haven’t wavered from organic production methods. Despite plenty of competition in the fruit production industry, Oob organic has kept its principles intact while growing into a recognisable brand with products encompassing blueberries and more.

Kiwis are becoming increasingly conscious of what’s in their food, and the growing demand for clean, organic food means some fruit producers can cut corners. Oob organic has stated that they can’t grow fruit all year round, but as a certified organic producer, they ensure all partnered overseas farmers are also certified organic.

Oob organic believes informed decisions are the key to navigating the increasingly saturated natural foods market. By being certified by Asure Quality and keeping their sources of produce transparent, they’re doing what they can to help consumers in this area.

The company has been producing certified organic produce since 2001, and its range of fresh and frozen fruit, smoothie mixes, sorbet, dairy and dairy free ice-cream is available in major supermarkets around New Zealand as well as in specialist stores.

The latest products from Oob organic are frozen desserts: two heavenly creamy dairy-free frozen desserts - Mango Passion Coconut, and Chocolate Coconut as well as two refreshing sorbet’s - Raspberry Sorbet and Blueberry Sorbet.  All are made in time to get ahead of the summer market, and as usual, there are no nasty chemicals or unpronounceable ingredients.

The new range will be available in 470ml tubs, in the brand’s familiar bright colours.