This weekend, as Kiwis all around the country celebrate Labour Weekend, Countdown’s sales data reveals what it is stocking up on, especially if the sunshine finally decides to show up.

Labour Weekend indicates the first of the summer months and is the last long-weekend before the big guy in the red suit appears at Christmas.  As the thermostat finally starts to rise, Kiwis like to start celebrating by rolling out the BBQ and entertaining family and friends with sausages and salads, chips and dips, crackers and cheese.


(determined from 2016 sales vs the average of the four weeks prior):

  • Soft drinks and mixers increased by 24%

  • Ice cream sales increase by more than 15%

  • Countdown sold more than 51,000 packs of sausages last Labour Weekend and burger patties and rissoles increased by almost 14%.

  • The deli department at Countdown stores around the country was busy making and selling 33% more salads over the long weekend.

  • Countdown sold more than 64,000 packs of speciality cheeses indicating we like to do a lot of entertaining on the long weekend.

  • Countdown’s baked bread rolls also increased by almost 4%,

  • Sunblock sales significantly increase at Labour Weekend and last year we sold 3,500 bottles.

Brett Ashley, Countdown’s Acting General Manager Merchandise, said that the colder weather is almost behind us; now we just need the rain to stop so that Kiwis can start to embrace the traditional summer fare.

“Produce, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on command and this year the unusually high levels of rain are really challenging for growers.  Our job is to work with them as closely as we can as we head into the warmer months to make sure we have plentiful supplies of the all-important summer staples like strawberries, asparagus and of course all the others like green beans, summer fruit, cherries and Kiwis’ other favourite, sweet corn,” said Ashley.

“We always recommend our customers shop seasonally and design their meals around the produce that is readily available. Delicious summer produce is already in our stores with asparagus, strawberries and melons.  Our teams are also now starting to make room for the first of the season’s apricots, nectarines, peaches and cherries to hit our stores.”