Kombucha to take Malaysia by Storm

4 glass bottle of Kombucha

Kombucha has typically been met with skeptical eyes in Malaysia, however there looks to be a change in the beverage market.

The drink is made by the fermentation of tea, sugar, yeast and a symbiotic colony of bacteria. GlobalData reports that at present in Malaysia, 35 percent of the population perceive kombucha to have positive health benefits.

Unfortunately, kombucha has typically been unattainable for the mass population. Being too expensive and having an acquired tart taste, it has not been a hugely popular beverage. But times are changing, there has been a surge of new product launches addressing the issues with the drink. Providing a more affordable price point and pleasant flavours, brands such as UNIIQ Kombucha and Betagen Kombucha are working on this new perception.

GlobalData also reports that 42 percent of their respondents find ingredients that claim to aid digestive health very appealing. There is a rising interest in public health along with functional and healthy drink products, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Kombucha is looking like it might just be the next 'big thing' in Malaysia.