Countdown has analysed sales data from last year’s Labour Weekend to determine what Kiwi’s are opting for this holiday. Check out Countdowns key insights of last weekend:

  • Kiwis munched their way through more than 430,000 pack of chips.
  • Countdown sold over 15,000 tins of reduced cream and sales of packet soup also was growth.
  • Ice sales saw a 40 percent increase compared to normal weekends.
  • Countdown sold significantly more packs of sausages and burger patties.
  • 55,000 heads of lettuce were sold.
  • Cheese and crackers saw a six percent growth with more than 77,000 units sold.

Scott Davidson, Countdown’s General Manager Merchandise, said that Labour Weekend indicates the first of the summer months and is the last long weekend before the big guy in the red suit appears at Christmas.

“As the nights get longer and warmer, we start to move away from traditional winter fare as such soups, and roasts and Kiwis really like to get outside to roll out the BBQ and entertain family and friends with sausages and salads, chips and dips, crackers and cheese.”

“The warmer weather has started earlier this year, and we’re on track to have a plentiful supply of the all-important summer staples. We already have in store strawberries, and asparagus and our teams are already making room for sweetcorn and Kiwis favourite fruit; nectarines, peaches, and apricots. Cherries will start to appear in store as we move closer to Christmas.”

“We know that this is the time of the year that we are all focusing on getting in shape for the summer holidays. From next week, Countdown has locked down the price of a range of health products to help Kiwis making smoothies for breakfast, using grains and dressing for their salads and picking nuts for an alternative snack during the day.”