Laundry That Cares For Your World

Earthwise, one of New Zealand’s most trusted eco-friendly brands made right here on home soil for more than 50 years, is excited to be adding more options to its range with two new products; Laundry Capsules and Laundry Sanitiser and a more sustainable packaging footprint for their beloved Oxygenated Whitener.

Earthwise is constantly innovating to help care for our planet and reduce our environmental footprint.  Earthwise products are effective, naturally and use biodegradable ingredients so you can love your laundry without costing the Earth – planet and pocket!

NEW - Earthwise Laundry Capsules - Orange and Eucalyptus

Laundry capsules are taking washing machines by storm, famed for their convenience their concentrated formula also conserves water.  New Earthwise Laundry Capsules are made from biodegradable surfactants and boosted with three stain fighting enzymes. Tucked inside a dissolvable wrapper in a unique kraft paper pouch. They are dermatologically tested, grey water and septic tank safe too!

NEW - Earthwise Laundry Sanitiser 1L

Keeping things as clean as possible has never been more important and the new Earthwise Laundry Sanitiser is the perfect solution. A boost to your rinse cycle to keep 99.9% of germs at bay without the use of bleach, ideal for those stinky socks and sports gear! With natural essential oil goodies lemongrass and pine.

NEW ENVIRO PACK - Earthwise Oxygenated Whitener 1KG

Great for breathing fresh life back into your whites without the use of chlorinated bleach, Earthwise Oxygenated Whitener is now in a fully recyclable cardboard box with eco-scoop.  Moving from the previous 100% recycled plastic tub will divert a further 6.3 tonnes of plastic from landfills every year.  #yestoprogress

Kiwis can find the full Earthwise household cleaning and personal care range at their local supermarket.