Lemonade That Will Make You Hop

Pete's Natural Fresh Hop Lemonade

Hop Lemonade is a limited edition drink from the Motueka-based beverage company, Pete's Natural. It is no ordinary lemonade - each drink contains a fresh hop cone.

The hop cone is sourced locally from a hop farm in Tapawera, and the drinks other ingredients include lightly sparkling water, organic fair trade raw sugar, New Zealand lemon juice and of course, hops.

“This is very unique and we believe we’re the only New Zealand beverage company doing this," said Marleen Suy (who is also known as Mrs Pete), when discussing their use of the hop cone.

Pete's Natural cares about local business, with all their fair trade ingredients being sourced locally rather than internationally. They are are also giving 10% of the sales from the Limited Edition Hop Lemonade back to NZ businesses that continue to struggle with the impacts of the pandemic.

The lemonade will be available in restaurants and cafes from the 4th of April.