Alcohol should be kept away from entrances and checkouts and must be displayed in separate designated areas.
The Court of Appeal has accepted the interpretation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act by the High Court, setting a legal precedent that NZ supermarkets will need to take into consideration when designing their stores.

Late last year, New World Bishopdale had its liquor license challenged by Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Alistair Humphrey, according to whom the end of aisle display of alcoholic beverages didn’t comply with the law.
Foodstuffs appealed the High Court decision in the Court of Appeal, but the latter recently dismissed Foodstuffs’ argument.

“Alcohol is often an impulse purchase, like confectionery, so where it is placed in the supermarket can make a huge difference to sales,” said Humphrey. “It’s really pleasing to see that most of the new supermarkets being built are taking their responsibilities seriously and building completely separate areas for selling alcohol.”