Heineken has launched the Coolerpack, an engineered 18-pack cardboard packaging innovation that allows consumers to just add ice by removing the top of the box turning it into a chilly bin. Designed for convenience and occasion-based purchasing, the Coolerpack is the newest edition to the packaging configurations from Heineken. POS materials will drive awareness and help increase display presence in high-traffic areas in-store.

“Shoppers buy beer with occasion top of mind, and they will select the store that best fits their intended occasion,” said Ray Faust, Chief Sales Officer at Heineken USA. “We are excited to be bringing this new pack to retailers on-the-go drinking occasions and just in time for summer. With convenience top-of-mind, most consumers shop on their way to an occasion, with two-thirds indicating they will drink within the hour”, continued Faust. “Heineken wants to be the brand that facilitates this consumer need. Moreover, large pack sizes (12+) represent most of celebration and casual gathering occasion volume, and most purchases come from the cooler, underscoring the importance of maintaining temperature.”

Impactful Heineken POS to enhance display presence in high traffic areas of the store will drive awareness and trail of the innovative COOLERPACK. Retailers can look to maximise volume and profit and drive basket ring by cross-merchandising with ice for convenience shopping.

“The Heineken beer buyer spends 21 percent more on their trip basket than the average beer drinker, and is 23 percent more likely to buy ice during their shopping trip. And Heineken 18-Pack bottles have momentum,” Faust added. “Dollar volume is up 5.9 percent, 7.6 points better versus the total beer 18-packs. The COOLERPACK will build on this momentum by offering an incremental profit opportunity to the retailer and a real convenience to the consumer. It’s a win-win!”