beehive champagne ham
Popular brand Beehive Champagne Ham has been pulled from the shelves after possible listeria contamination, the Ministry for Primary Industries announced. The Government has recalled Beehive's 200g family packs throughout the North Island.
According to Consumer NZ, the product has a use-by-date of 26 January 2016 and batch number 335322. It was sold at Countdown, New World, PAK'nSAVE and Fresh Choice supermarkets, and should not be eaten. Concerned consumers are advised to return it to their retailer for a full refund or call 0800 506 701.
Listeria symptoms include vomiting, fever, severe headaches, nausea and neck stiffness. Elderly, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems and newborns are particularly at risk. There have been no reports of illness.

Meanwhile, Fruzio Mixed Berries products have been allegedly linked to a newly notified case of Hepatitis A. If confirmed, it would be the fifth case in New Zealand since the outbreak started in late October.
"Given the incubation period can be between 15 and 50 days, it is not unexpected that a new case of Hepatitis A potentially linked to these berries has been notified," said Peter Thomson, Director plants and environment, Ministry of Primary Industries. All the products were recalled on Friday and over the past weekend.