Federal Merchants & Co has welcomed Soda Press into its portfolio of local and international beverage brands, to become its official distributor throughout New Zealand. The deal involves Soda Press’ entire range of handcrafted, all-natural drink syrups.
“We both see the New Zealand market as a leader in the consumer-led push for more premium, healthier and authentic syrups, both in retail and foodservice,” said Cameron Romeril, founder of Soda Press.

The NZ-made brand was launched only two years ago and has been enjoying outstanding growth ever since, winning several major industry awards (‘Best New Retail Product’ at Fine Food Australia 2015 and finalist at last year's NZ Food Awards, just to name a few); thus the need to find a like-minded partner that could take Soda Press to the next stage.
Besides distribution, Soda Press has more aces up its sleeve, including a bespoke bottle design that is about to hit the market. Flavours have also been improved to contain 40-50 percent less sugar than other leading syrups brands.

"We have been working hard with ongoing improvements to our products, and we've also been working hard to make our products organic," said Romeril. "They currently range from 80 to 96 percent organic. Before the end of the year, they will all be certified organic."
Over the past few months, Indian Tonic Syrup has been one of the company's most exciting releases, its most awarded product to date, and certainly something of which Romeril is particularly proud of. "It's the world's first clear Organic Tonic Syrup and is over 60 percent lower in sugar than the leading tonic brands. We go as far as the Congo to acquire sustainably farmed Cinchona bark for our high-levels of quinine."

Obviously, this is not the end of the story. If anything, it's just the beginning. In coming months, Soda Press plans to launch its own Cola, 50 percent lower in sugar and organic.