The coveted 20th New Zealand Ice Cream Awards are to be judged from 2nd May 2016, and the results will be announced in Auckland on 26th May. The awards were launched in 1997 with the aim of promoting the quality of NZ ice cream. In 2012, an additional ‘New to Market’ Award and a new category for ‘Best of...’ were introduced, and this year the ‘Best of Caramel’ will be showcased.
As in previous editions, the event will include a Supreme Award for Large Manufacturers and a Supreme Award for Boutique Manufacturers, acknowledging the growth in small boutique ice cream and gelato manufacturers that produce less than 500,000 litres per annum.
To be eligible for the 'Best in Category' and 'Supreme' Awards, companies must be members of the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association (NZICMA), but non-members can still compete for the Silver and Gold Awards, regardless of their size. Moreover, products that don’t meet the Standard or Premium Ice Cream formulation guidelines can participate in the Low Fat, Gelato and Sorbet categories. The ‘Kids’ Choice’ category, as the title suggests, will again be judged by local school children.
Brands will have until 15th April to submit the entry forms through www.nzicecream.org.nz, and samples must be delivered to The FoodBowl in Auckland by 28th April.