a longopac representative holding a longopac bag compared with a regular black bin bag

Last year, China announced it would ban imports of certain waste products due to environmental pollution. Many New Zealand companies were put out by this, as China has historically bought or collected their waste streams. Businesses create 86 percent of waste produced in New Zealand, so this is a massive burden on the environment.

Businesses looking to increase recycling, reduce plastic waste, and improve carbon footprints often believe it’s impossible to do so without increasing costs, but this isn’t true. Companies investing in sustainable waste management systems and products will improve overall efficiency and create long-term sustainable savings, both financially and environmentally.

What many businesses don’t realise is that plastic waste can come from the bin bag itself. Easi-Recycling’s products make waste management more efficient, as well as cleaner and greener. The Longopac waste bagging solution uses the most environmentally-friendly plastic possible, reducing plastic use in waste management by 70 percent. One hundred percent of the Longopac bag is used, unlike a traditional waste bag where often less than 60 percent is filled.

It’s unrealistic to expect all businesses to stop using plastic bags immediately. However, using Longopac bags can reduce the amount of plastic used in waste collection. The bags are a tube of plastic up to 110 metres long, made from a three-ply polyethylene plastic. They’re half the thickness of a standard waste bag and three times stronger. They also generate a third of the carbon dioxide.

The Longopac bagging system removes the problem of oversized rubbish bags. The bag is tied and cut, using only the plastic necessary to contain the contents. They come in a variety of colours for easy waste segregation. Many businesses use the same black bin liners for all waste bins, meaning that attempts to recycle and segregate waste are often wasted when the bags get confused.

Although Longopac as been used in Europe since the 1980s, it’s only been available in New Zealand since 2015. NZ companies both large and small are embracing this smarter way to bag waste as it saves time, money, and is good for the planet

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