Veronique Cremades-Mathis with outgoing Chair Pierre van Heerden

Current country manager of Nestlé NZ, Veronique Cremades-Mathis has just been elected as NZ Food & Grocery Council’s first female Chair. A vice-Chair of FGC since 2013, she is replacing Pierre van Heerden of Sanitarium in the role, who completed his three-year term.
“Veronique has been a big part of FGC for the past three years and I really look forward to working with her on a new level,” said Katherine Rich, chief executive, FGC.

Cremades-Mathis has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, having been responsible for corporate and product development functions in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. After an extensive experience as country business manager for Nestlé in Southeast Asia, she was appointed NZ country manager in 2011.

In her inaugural speech, she acknowledged the importance of the food and beverage industry as engine of NZ economy.
“FGC’s members represent more than $34 billion in domestic retail sales, more than $31 billion in exports, and directly or indirectly employ about 400,000 people, and so it plays an absolutely vital part in the economy. My aim is to ensure our focus remains on ensuring that our industry produces the best and safest food and grocery products available anywhere,” said Cremades-Mathis.

Three new Board members were also elected; Fonterra Brands NZ managing director Leon Clement, Kimberly-Clark NZ general manager Sharna Heinjus, and Twin Agencies director Shane Webby.